Featuring Jasper & Louie

Featuring Jasper & Louie

Featuring Jasper & LouieFeaturing Jasper & Louie

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Our goal is to eliminate limitations from doing what you're most passionate about. The thought of having a pet seems like a huge commitment and it is, which can be a big burden if you let it. However, this should not prevent anyone from feeling the joy these animals bring to an individual or family. We're hopeful in discovering pet friendly locations to share with our audience. Not only will we recommend the best travel gear to take on adventures, but most comfortable accommodations as well.


Jasper | Professional on Click

              + Fierce Smize

              + Exceptional Poser

              + Experienced Howler

Louie | Happy Go Lucky

            + Infectious Smile

            + Gifted Kisser

            + Cuddle Opportunist

HuMan | Creative Voice Director

            + Artistic Ground Photographer

            + Treat Dispenser

            + Professional Scooper


Jasper & Louie attended Basic to Intermediate Dog Training, while Jasper passed above average Louie passed with his high jump hugs and cuddles.

HuMan is a Graduate in Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management (BCom) Degree BCom which is a twelve month program focusing in intra/entrepreneurial management. Courses include People at Work, Strategic Marketing, Financial and Managerial Accounting, to Entrepreneurial Expertise. 


Time and Dog Park Management
•Work life balance between working full-time and ensuring regular trip to the park.

•Recognized to lead The Bros Howling Live Shows

Critical Thinking/Creative Problem Solving
•Demonstrated through photoshoot sessions with Jasper & Louie working with brands.

•Effectively interact with various dog breeds through verbal and treat forms of petting

Activities & Extracurricular Activities

If we're not at the dog park, we're gone driving to explore our beautiful backyard, The Canadian Rockies (Please note our leads are kept on due to wildlife)

Product reviewers of the finest dog products available in the market. In addition, providing human gear and apparel to the test while adventuring with Jasper & Louie. That said, we can be found relaxing in the comfort of our home comfortably taking a nap on our Endy.

***Please Email for True Copy of Resume if Interested

Not serious, but seriously. 

Have a laugh, it's healthy and affordable.