Featuring Jasper & Louie

Featuring Jasper & Louie

Featuring Jasper & LouieFeaturing Jasper & Louie

Jasper the Pomsky


"Clearance Puppy"

On January 28, 2015 a litter of 4 adorable puppies was born into our world - I would not discover one of those pups until July 30, 2015. As Jasper grew older he was still not able to find a home - there were other younger puppies getting chosen - potential 'buyers' focused on younger dogs instead of him. Jasper was listed as a clearance puppy and he was house trained - knowing his basic commands such as sit, lay down, and come. I thought I must be the luckiest person to be able to have this dog! I immediately applied and jumped at the opportunity of becoming Jasper’s human dad.


The Outdoor Cityboy

Jasper enjoys the off leash parks in our city and of course the national parks which is the reason why we connected. I wanted to show him that not all people are bad, so we had a goal of reaching 30 Hiking Adventures in 2016. During this time, we discovered the world of Social Media and Jasper caught the attention of companies as well as pet owners. I didn’t know what to expect, but we went with it and shared our daily lifestyle with Instagram. In that time we’ve been fortunate to meet the most kindest and supportive individuals/group I’ve ever met online and in person.


The Commitment

The day I met Jasper was also the day he sat in my front passenger seat and never looked back. Jasper did not give me any attention or come forward when we first met at the farm so I thought, he’s the one because I saw something in him which reminded me of myself. We bonded that weekend and built the trust we have now. He struggled to adjust living in the city as well with meeting strangers, frightened and anxious at all times. I refused to give up on him so we attended classes for socializing and meeting new people. As time passed I realized this is his personality which I accepted as if I were him I thought “Well, I wouldn’t really want every single person petting/hugging/kissing me the first time we meet either!”

When Jasper takes a liking to someone he will give kisses and his special high jump paws. There is no stopping after that and be prepared for all the white fluff coming at you along with his wagging tail every time he sees you.

Jasper Turns One

 This video was created when Jasper turned one on January 28, 2016. All footage were prior to having his Instagram Account before it changed to @CanadianBros

What is a POMSKY?

25% Pomeranian

75% Siberian Husky