Featuring Jasper & Louie

Featuring Jasper & Louie

Featuring Jasper & LouieFeaturing Jasper & Louie

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This mattress is made and shipped from Canada Eh! The most comfortable box in a bed delivered to your door! 

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 Canada’s best mattress in a box! At first we didn’t believe it, but as soon as it arrived we literally fell into the mattress and took a nap. Even Jasper & Louie couldn’t stay awake because it put them into sleep mode. That said, overtime it gets to be medium firm and the best sleeps we've had as they guarantee 100 sleeps if you‘re not satisfied they’ll take it back no problem! In case you missed it too, they were on Dragons Den and it’s a must watch!

"Jasper & Louie have been amazing to work with - they're not just doggone adorable, but they create beautiful, shareable content that consistently delivers high engagement. As a proudly Canadian company, we've had great fun teaming up with @CanadianBros to help spread the word about Endy and our ridiculously comfortable, Canadian-made mattresses. We love following their adventures and can't wait to see where they'll go next!"

Sarah | Endy

Pop Your Pup


  I’ve always enjoyed art and when I discovered Pop Your Pup, I had to ensure I got the Bros their own Canvas pieces! In addition a set of tank tops for the summer long adventures. They are quick to ensuring you’re happy with your design and will make as many adjustments as you want them to.

When you can place a piece of art into your home, why not of your dog eh!? 

“Working with Rodson from Canadian Bros is always a top-notch experience! They are super creative when it comes to knowing how to capture immaculate photographs and Jasper & Louie are thrill seekers who are quite the adventurous duo. Their communication is always quick and responsive. And they are always willing to go above and beyond no matter what.”

Laava | Pop Your Pup™️

Bearytail Co.


There’s more to dog products than a simple collar or lead when they become art pieces we’re proud to show case. This company we've followed over the years have shown such skills and craft into her products and are proud to have Jasper & Louie model them. Also, watch her amazing stories when she’s creating these amazing leather products as it’s also very informative!

" We choose to work with Jasper, Louie and Rodson because not only are the photos exceptional, but every post is strategically planned to maximize social interaction and exposure. Rodson has very high standards in the visual content he provides and he puts great effort in writing clever captions while making sure the content is relevant to current events. It has been a pleasure working with the trio and I am very satisfied with the results, EVERY TIME." 

Amanda | Bearytail Leather Co.

Impact Dog Crates

  Being the adventurous account we are, it was only time we discovered the most convenient and home safe crate. The Impact Dog Crates are easily folded for ease of traveling on the road. Not only do they have a number of colours to select from but they have accessories best suited for your pup!


Quote from Impact “Working with Rodson, Jasper and Louie has been an absolute pleasure. They have showcased our products and brand through high quality images in a variety of gorgeous scenery. Jasper and Louie have captivated the hearts of many on our Instagram/Facebook page and always generate quite the buzz with their prominent white coats. Could not be more pleased with our collaboration with them thus far, and are looking forward to continuing to work with them in the future”

Bri | Impact Dog Crates

Bonjour Fido

All it took was one contest via Instagram and we discovered such a great and personable company. We followed their journey as they did ours over the years and finally collaborated on such an amazing collection of collars from plaid to camp, they have a variety to showcase meeting your standards.

Jasper and Louie are a dream to work with and their super creative huDAD Rodson is the friendliest, most dedicated furry manager the boys could have!  We love the adventurous spirit Jasper and Louie bring to all their photos and always in the most gorgeous outdoor locations.  Their professionalism and creativity to always go the extra mile to showcase your brand is nothing short of extraordinary and we love teaming up with them to promote new products! @CanadianBros have a very loyal social media following and we appreciate how much they truly care about each of their followers which is reflected in each of their personalized, thoughtful responses to every comment they receive on their posts.  It is an honor to work with them, but we can honestly say they are one of the most amazing and kindest furry friends (huDAD included) we've had the privilege to work with!"

Rachael | Bonjour Fido

DressedBy Finn

  I had no idea that Jasper & Louie would eventually model clothing for pets but I couldn’t be more proud to have worked with such an amazing company. DressByFinn will always have a special place for us as they trusted us from the start even when not many accounts big accounts did, they appreciated our work and we ensured they felt it back as well. Thank you!

“In 2016 my goal was to find an account that stood out. At that time, @CanadianBros was fairly new to Instagram and only had a couple thousand followers. Rodson’s photography of Jasper and Louie was scroll-stopping, screenshot-worthy and caught my attention right away. The accounts engagement and growth was so impressive in such a short time period that I asked Jasper and Louie (aka owner Rodson) to join the DBF brand rep team. It was the best decision I made that year! Their following continues to grow even faster than before. 

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend collaborating with @CanadianBros in any way you can. Rodson will take beautiful photographs of Jasper/Louie with your product and create a fun and informative post to share. 

Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” And that’s exactly what @CanadianBros does!

Jennifer Foley | Dressed By Finn

Woofgang Shop

  From the beginning this company has stood by our side and being local, we could not be more proud. The WoofGang Shop sells a large variety of dog products that every pet owner needs a piece of. 

“Love love love working with @canadianbros! They are gorgeous dogs and the best models. Their human Rodson takes amazing pictures and always knows the best way to show case a product. They always take plenty of pictures in the best locations (mountain views, lake backdrops etc). One of my favourite accounts to go to for any modelling assignments hands down!!“

Nithya | The WoofGang Shop

Pet Qwerks

  Where do we even begin with Pet Qwerks!! Very friendly and enjoyable company to collaborate with. They’ve been very active with our account and appreciate them so much for doing so. In addition they provide such a large variery of Dog Toys to keep your fur babies occupied. Be sure to check them out and know that each posting we’ve shared over the years, we stand by them to this date. 

“We discovered @canadianbros on Instagram through contests and fell in love with their breathtaking photos! I mean seriously, who brings their pups on hiking at the top of gorgeous mountains? Ah, we can’t get enough of their stunning photos! Jasper & Louie are such great models too. Working with them is super easy and fun! So glad we found them. They do more than expected which is always a big bonus.  It has been a pleasure working with them and so looking forward for more collaborations in the future”.

Sharon | Pet Qwerks 

Green Trout Outfitters

  One of the very first model opportunities Jasper was fortunate to work with. The start of Jasper The Pomsky before CanadianBros was formed and Jennifer creates one of the finest rope leads in the market to this date. She continues to improve over the years and to this date her work speaks for itself.

Working with Jasper (and later Louie too!) was a pleasure! Rodson was easy to work with, and Jasper and Louie were great models for Green Trout Outfitter products. I chose to collaborate with them, because they have a beautiful, adventurous feed with great engagement. Rodson's photography is excellent, and he has 2 of the best models to showcase any product! I was impressed with their ability to showcase GTO leashes flawlessly. I look forward to future collaborations with @canadianbros!

Jennifer | Green Trout Outfitters

Barcelona Dogs

  This dog collar company is very unique and special. We were so excited to take part in a collection which you can jude yourself how beautiful this collar is and made to stand out.


Working with CanadianBros was a great and easy experience. They really understood well that lifestyle feeling we were looking for when making pictures for our Apache dog collar.  We got better pictures than we could dream of and with positive, sporty, beautiful models like them it's hard to get anything else. The fact that they are white also makes it easier to see our dog collars. We had a great experience with the best pictures possible in high resolution and I have to add that they are very nice to cooperate with also. We will definitely repeat again if possible when we make a new sporty outdoor collar. Great job! Thanks so much for modeling the Apache collar Jasper.

Klea Levin | Barcelona Dogs



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