Featuring Jasper & Louie

Featuring Jasper & Louie

Featuring Jasper & LouieFeaturing Jasper & Louie

Louie the Eskiemute


"Remembrance Day"

Louie was born on September 11, 2016 in foster care two days after his mother was rescued from a hoarding situation of over 140 dogs. His mother, a beautiful mix breed named Tinkerbell gave birth to 10 puppies. There were 8 fluffy survivors and as soon as I saw their adoption listed on Megan's Rescue Efforts, I immediately sent my application. 

I got approved to adopt Louie and arranged to meet him and his brother on November 11, 2016. Like Jasper, Louie wouldn‘t come near me as he hid behind his foster pawrent and I said to myself “Uh oh, not again!” 

Minutes pass and immediately signed the adoption papers! I guess he knew what that meant as he warmed up to me afterwards.


Adoption Day

 The anticipation felt so long but November 25, 2016 was another day a puppy found its way into my front passenger seat.

Louie was such a needy little fluff ball and would not let me out of his sight, still to this day. He became a social butterfly in our lobby when we were training. He had to say hi to everyone in the elevator with a big smile on his face. Since then he will stare at people in the eyes until they notice him and gives him a pat on the head before his sits down.


My Golden Boy

As Louie grew older he has had some changes from white plush coat to now a cream fur jacket. His bright green eyes have transformed into Hazel almost looking into the sunrise each morning as he sits by my bedside saying "Wakey Wakey, I gotta Potty!" with the biggest smile on his face.

He is the most social dog and most of the time he forgets he has grown much larger than he used to be as if he is a lapdog.

Louie's Adoption Video

The day when this boy stole my heart... and Jasper's too!

What is an Eskiemute?

32.4% American Eskimo

34.5% Border Collie

33.1% Alaskan Malamute